In 2010 a successful partnership was forged between two men with similar visions and a passion for excellence…..

Originally from Fresno, California, a part and hub of California’s great agricultural heartland, the Pandentis family has been involved in the meat industry for over 20 years.  Since 2001, they have owned and operated their own processing plant under the strictures of the USDA.  Their focus has branched from local sales to the California native-Indian casinos to the highly-demanding five-star restaurant chefs of Las Vegas.

Looking for something more, son Corey Patendis, branched off to pursue a different, more personal market niche in 2010.  His quest was to solve a problem and find an answer to a probing question:

"Can’t people have a ‘white tablecloth’ experience at home instead of having to dine out at $40 to $50 a plate?"

Corey‘s new enterprise took off and a loyal customer base grew as he brought fine quality meats to his customers at affordable prices

Business partner, Eric Huerta, graduated from Chapman University in Orange County, CA. He earned his Bachelors degree in Business Communications with a Business Management minor.  From a football athlete for Chapman to a sponsored bodybuilder, Eric continues today as a fitness consultant, pursuing and sharing his passion for fitness through nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.  Knowing the importance of quality protein as a component of overall health and fitness, he began his business in wholesale meat distribution in 2010.  It took only one complaint for him to realize the importance of offering not just a better quality product than the competition, but the best quality product…period.

“In order to keep customers, you need to offer them quality products they will want on a daily basis.  People need the best value for what they have to spend.”

That same year, a mutual business acquaintance connected the dots and suggested the two meet.  Eric and Corey immediately realized they shared similar goals and possessed the perfect blend of experiences and backgrounds to achieve them.  From farm to fitness, Meats2U has been the merging of two family’s expertise and their desire to bring the best quality beef, chicken, seafood, pork and turkey right to your door.

“No corners will be cut.  Our customers will receive the same product we send to our chefs.  We know one thing is certain:  It is in our best interest to deliver a healthy, high-quality product people will want to re-order again and again.  We want their family and their friends to ask where they can purchase our products.  That cannot and will not happen if our product isn’t everything we say it is.”

Eric continues coaching clients of all ages to better health and competitive muscle and fitness wins. His mantra is “Abs are made in the kitchen” and has always stressed the important fact that “75% of a person’s health and fitness are a result of the foods they eat.”  He works with several Cross Fit organizations, “Fit Girls for Life” and independent nutritionists.  Corey is in the process of duplicating Eric’s home distribution plan in Fresno, California.  They are excited about the future of Meats2U and are immensely and humbly grateful for the opportunity of having served so very many of you.

Eric Huerta & Corey Patendis




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  • Alllison G.
    "We've been spoiled! Quality meat, poultry, and seafood delivered to our door?!? Seriously! I have to say I was a bit skeptical at first so decided to order the sampler. Our product was delivered to our doorstep 2 days after ordering and each portion individually wrapped. My chicken was flawless! I'm a PICKY eater and previously would buy my chicken at Costco then cut off all the stuff I didn't want to eat and individually wrap each piece. I didn't have to do this with my Meats2U chicken! It was already done for me! The ribeye was a nice healthy portion which was so nicely marbled... Definitely rivaled the cuts Morton's brings out. It was served perfectly tender and juicy throughout! I'm saving my last steak for next weekend and am already looking forward to it. I will be trying the rest of their products and ordering only from Meats2U from now on!"
    Alllison G.
    Costa Mesa, CA
  • Jeniffer Hosko
    "MEATS2U has been an amazing convenience for our family! Individually packaged meat, chicken, and seafood has made it easier on me to prepare meals for my kids. The product is super tasty and everyone loves it! MEATS2U has saved this busy Mom from frustration trips to Costco too. We are super pleased with their delivery time and can't get enough of this yummy protein!"
    Jeniffer Hosko
    Orange, CA
  • Rachel Jones
    "I was referred to Meats2U by a friend who said: you will never go back to regular meat. Well, 2 months later he is RIGHT. The quality of meat that is delivered to my DOOR is beyond any I have found elsewhere. I love coming home to my delivery, which is tightly packed and iced so it can stay at my door all day (which it has done!), and looking at all the yummies inside! The pieces are individually sealed so I can thaw whatever portion I want. They thaw so quickly because they are pure (not injected w stuff like markets) and cook in a snap. I can order any kind of meat. There are options for pre-seasoned or plain and even killer packages. The best part is it's not expensive! Last night my kid ate MY piece of chicken and tonight she had 1.5 pcs if salmon. What? Healthy, delicious, reasonably priced, kid approved, AND delivered to my door? 100% in! Already referred 4 people. And I told them: you will never go back to regular meat. :)"
    Rachel Jones
    Irvine, CA